Consciously made by the Nearby Group

For people, and for the environment

Working with some of the most forward-thinking brands in creating future models for sustainable design, production, and materials has changed our old well-established business model.

In Nearby Group we engage 100% into this transformation because it is important to protect both our people and the planet.
And also because delivering sustainable solutions is the only way for staying in future business.

‍UN Global Compact Principles

The Nearby Group adheres to the UN Global Compact Principles based on internationally adopted declarations and conventions in the 4 following areas:

Human rights
Labor standards

Social Responsibility

Great products made by people who feel respected and cared for.

The Nearby Group pays fair salaries above the industry average in the countries it operates in.

We provide a safe environment to ensure the health and safety of our workers.

We offer extended health insurance programs for our employees in the countries we operate in.

All employees are regulated by contracts ensuring their rights as stated by the EN goals.

The Nearby Group will to cease from any discrimination regarding race, skin color, religion, political, sexual orientation, gender, national origin or social rank or status is defined by our code of ethics.

Environmental Responsibility

Manufacturing and design must care about future generations. We made it our mission to care – for our customers, employees, and the planet.
We keep raising the bar for responsible and transparent production, focusing on reducing emissions and using sustainable resources, challenging ourselves and our partners to rethink the full supply-chain to make effective solutions protecting our earth.

Transition to sustainable materials

Reduce waste in production.

Harming chemicals banned.

Protect biodiversity to protect the variety of life on Earth.

Reduce transport emissions (near market production, eco-design, reduce flights).

Reduce emissions from energy in production (Green energy).

Support upcycling and circular models.


From our facilities we offer reliable solutions able to meet the toughest standards for environment, health and safety without compromising functionality, quality and design.

Our certifications

Sustainability report

Plastidue's 2022 Sustainability Report articulates the strategies, results and prospects of its production, social and environmental performance. A snapshot of a long path of continuous improvement, which allows us to start further evaluations on other companies within the Nearby Group planned in the next months.
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